I am Eugenia Zhenya Bulah, a creative director and stylist from Moscow currently living in Budapest. After receiving  my degree in fashion / interior styling in KREA Contemporary Fashion School and in finance in Budapest Business University, I have been actively working in both fields. 

I have been specialising in finance for more than 8 years for companies and organisations like GE, CitiBank, BP and United Nations while exploring my artistic side in the creative direction, marketing and styling field.I have worked extensively in fashion and advertising across different platforms including print, television, mixed media, while implementing fresh and modern approach and concept direction from start to finish.

In order to tie up these two different worlds, I launched a creative consulting firm that provides creative and marketing solutions for companies, start ups and private clients. My client list comprises of fashion designers, private clients, start ups and businesses of all sizes. 

Have a look at my services and let’s create together.